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                        Events Start at $75-$100 Per hour Depending on Event or job (Weddings not included)


Standard Print Pricing


2.25 x 3.25 (8 Wallets) Lustre - rounded corners $7.00


3.5 x 5 Lustre $2.00


5 x 7 Lustre $7.00 


8 x 10 Luster $12.00


8 x 12 Lustre $14.00


11 x 14 Lustre $20.00


16 x 20 Lustre $30.00




Prints come in other forms ,linen,metal,metallic,and many other sizes. These specialty prints and sizes are offered when you order through the lab.  The pricing above is for basic standard sizes and is only a beginning of my offerings.




 The pricing on gallery wraps changes and varies due to thickness of gallery wrap, lab pricing, pricing on those will be updated with your gallery.




All pricing subject to change