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Wedding SamplesWedding SamplesSamples of Weddings that I have done with other Photographers Including Karen Geaghan of http://www.karengeaghanphotos.com/
If you would like to book with me I am currently booking only small intimate weddings if you would like to book a large wedding contact Karen for a quote.
Refunds/Re-shoots, Costs 

I want to start out by saying I love taking part in your family memory's and capturing that smile, I cherish each and every photograph I take and I will go out of my way to perform a great service for you. I will do my very best to give you a photograph to cherish for years to come. Sometimes however there are circumstances beyond my control that come about. I cannot give you a refund on a retainer booking fee, there is a lot that I work on before your session even begins and this is what you are paying for including contract paper work, scouting area before hand, phone calls,emails my time and effort. Retainers are nonrefundable under all circumstances. There are no refunds on session fees once session has been performed and money has changed hands{circumstance of camera malfunction or loss of Photos would warrant a full refund minus retainer. If this circumstance was to occur I would also give you 20% off of new session.} You are paying for the talent and time of your photographer and everything that goes into a session.


I retouch all images for blemishes and fine lines if you would rather me not to do this please let me know ahead of time. I will not remove moles or scars unless you ask that I do so.  I do not make you thinner this is controversial I know, but your beautiful the way you are. Embrace those curves and love yourself for who you are I know your family does.  Please don't ask me to do this.

The images in your gallery will be edited images I never show you unedited Images, the reason behind this, it is not the final image I want to reflect to you and I shoot in a larger file format that requires special editing software. This file format also allows you to print large photographs and get the best colors from your images. There are times when you think you are not getting all the images that I have taken, you would be correct in this. I am not perfect and some are blurry due to movement, your eyes are closed or uncle toms eyes are closed. I throw these out when I cull through them. Trust me, I will give you all the good images to view even if I feel it is not a great image, you might like it even though I don't. I am a mother with children and all images of my family are good and have emotion so I understand this.

Session Time

Most sessions last the allotted time given.  I will take as long as needed to get the shots you want most. Sometimes it is impossible due to time constraints or other things beyond my control. I will do my best to accommodate and work with an unhappy child unfortunately, I cannot offer a refund for this circumstance if it arises. We will do the best we can to make your child happy, I can be very patient for I have 4 children and understand they are not always happy campers and require pampering. This is one reason I prefer longer sessions with children it really gives them time to warm up to me and get comfortable. Children have a very short attention span so I go out of my way to help them warm up, I have come across parents that are firm with the children to cooperate and this does cause the children to act up more. It does happen and I try and ask parents to allow children a little bit of room to help me gain their attention. Re-shoots are only allowed at the discretion of the Photographer.


Cancellations are only allowed due to an illness or poor weather conditions please be considerate (24 hr. notice is required). Your session is important to me and I have set this time aside for you and taken it away from my family please be considerate of that if you plan to cancel or not show up.  If you book a session and do not show up it will not be rescheduled under any circumstance. Most 2 Hr sessions approximate 30-40 Images for viewing possibly more depending on location, poses and outfit changes.

There are no additional charges for outfit changes I encourage you to bring multiple outfits and accessories and I will help you choose the best photographically.
It is nice when shooting families that they coordinate their clothing with one chosen color or color scheme.
Pinterest offers lots of ideas for this.

Anything outside local area 10 mile radius will apply additional cost for mileage and gas (discussed at time of booking).

Artistic Touches
selective coloring adds a touch of art as does black and white images – I edit each Photo to what I feel is the proper artistic touch as each photo dictates to me, This is my style and why you hired me.  I always include some Black and whites in the viewing album and also some change ups on similar photos to give you options.

Extra Digital Images
Some people want to buy a few more digital Images above the amount given in a Package each additional image purchased is $15 dollars for digital copy.

  The digital images include Print Release only , not the copyright release. Photographer still holds copyright with all rights reserved as stated in contract.

One Final Note
I want to have a very pleasant and enjoyable session with you.  I want to capture your Personality and make a Photograph you can be proud of.  So lets have some fun and capture that smile.